Production Music

Below you will find production music I’ve done for other publishers. Lots of time and effort has been spent on making these tracks great sounding and highly useful for film, tv and promos. Most of the tracks and albums are also available on the APM Music Portal, a great way to get an introduction and have a fast listen and to my work. Hope you’ll enjoyl

Here’s a first special indie release album called Up Drive! All similar to previous happy and positive production music I’ve made. Feat 9 driving (plus alt versions), happy, optimistic and motivational guitar led tracks. All available for immediate one-stop music licensing at Songtradr.

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Also available on Apple MusicSpotifyDeezerAmazon and other streaming!

2 tracks on album Doomsayer: Apocalyptic Fantasy (INPIC069, Bibliotheque Music)
Check out the 2 contributions Aeolian Chasers and Brink of Fate I made on production music album Doomsayer: Apocalyptic Fantasy. From the album description: “Cinematic, futuristic & gargantuan scores. From epic orchestral swells to dystopian action soundscapes, each composition summons a world of mystique and grandeur. Perfect for sci-fi/fantasy trailers, promos & scenes of intensity.”

6 tracks on album Rise of the Machines (INPIC064, Bibliotheque Music)
I’ve made 6 dark sci-fi tracks, OminataIf TomorrowInterpretationsDepartureCalculated Risk and Domino on the production music album Rise of the Machines. Futuristic, powerful and brooding.

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3 tracks on album Cyberpunx: Dark Techno (INPIC059, Bibliotheque Music)
Very happy to have contributed with 3 tracks on production music album Cyberpunx: Dark Techno! Electronic music with strong beats, gritty basses and loads of sound design. Feel free to have a listen for example to intro track Vortex, also Omni or Thrust.
“Hard hitting, gritty, industrial techno, incorporating the gripping intensity of trailer sound design & FX. Cyberpunx is the sonic exploration of a dystopian future. Relentless energy, meticulously weaving synth melodies & epic, metallic rhythms.”

5 tracks on album PD Re-Imaginings (INPIC060, Bibliotheque Music)
Here a twist on the traditional Christmas Carols! I made 5 dark, scary and eerie re-imagined tracks: Cold Lang SyneSilent FrightJingle BellsWe Wish You a Merry ChristmasO Holy Night. Like a mix of Christmas and Halloween. Have a listen at Bibliotheque Music >>
“A collection of traditional, well known Christmas & classical tracks within the public domain. Re-interpreted in a brooding, dark, dramatic style for projects of an eerie/spooky nature. Ideal for horror, crime & science fiction productions.”

Synthdrive (TBX109)Bibliotheque Music
Featuring 12 upbuilding, hopeful and cinematic main tracks plus 36 underscores made with driving analogue synths, electric guitars and drums. From their description: “Cinematic, determined and rousing electronic cues. An uplifting and emotive synth-based collection full of heart and wonder. Overcoming adversity and marvelling at mystery.” Listen to the tracks >>

Track Crushing It on Triumph & Victory (INPIC043)Bibliotheque Music
Check out track Crushing It I made on album Triumph & Victory (INPIC043), Bibliotheque Music. From their description: “Raw, enlivening, wondrous. Electronic euphoria bursts into a resonant, heavy synth bassline. Reminiscent of an individual speeding in a car or boat into a golden horizon, or swerving through a bustling cityscape.”

4 tracks on Beats: Japan (BIBTQ158)Bibliotheque Music
I’ve got 4 tracks Keeping FocusGame OnAlt Reality and Motivator on album Beats: Japan (BIBTQ158), Bibliotheque Music. From their description “Cool, contemporary and atmospheric hybrids of cool electronic beats and traditional Japanese instrumentation. “Cinematic, sophisticated and determined cues with loads of attitude.” Listen to the tracks >>

Album Transitions Emotive Builds

3 tracks on Transitions: Emotive Builds (INPIC023), In Pictures/Bibliotheque Music
I’ve made 3 tracks An OpeningBeyond The Hurdles and We Won on new orchestral hybrid album Transitions: Emotive Builds. From their website: “A beautiful collection of cinematic trailer cues which grow from small beginnings to emotive, epic peaks. Inspiring, rousing and building with atmospheric synths and wondrous orchestra, transforming from the melancholic and minimal to the heroic and triumphant.” Listen to the tracks >>

2 tracks on Synth Stories Vol. 2 (TBX066)The Box/Bibliotheque Music
Check out the tracks Momentum Catch and Set Forth I’ve made on album Synth Stories Vol. 2 . “Atmospheric, dramatic, determined. Reflective synth arpeggiators rise and fade before being joined by propulsive beats and brooding melodies. Emotive piano joins, building to a rousing peak. Uplifting and motivating synth cue with a piano-led bridge which builds again to a hopeful, positive finale.” Listen to the tracks >>

Stargazing Semi-Acoustic (PMY 63), Primary/KPM.
Feat simple guitar driven music with occasional bass, piano, drums and glockenspiel. From description at Primary/KPM: ”Sparse, neutral to neutral-positive tracks for factual programming, reality TV, advertising, biography and human interest stories featuring simple, layered acoustic and electric guitars, piano, glockenspiel and minimal drums.” 
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Positive Daytime Acoustic (PMY 55)Primary/EMI.
Featuring mainly acoustic guitar and ukulele with the occasional bass and percussion. From the description at the KPM portal: “Bright, upbeat acoustic-led tracks with a simple, daytime-friendly positivity. Perfect for documentaries, leisure / lifestyle programming, advertising, and children’s television.”  Listen to the tracks >>

New Hope (PMY 50), Primary/KPM Featuring electric and acoustic guitars, experimental e-guitar atmospheres, piano, drums, bass and glockenspiel. From description at Primary/KPM: “Positive, hopeful, motivating and uplifting guitar-led tracks carefully designed to create an inspirational lift to any media.”  Listen to the tracks >>

Neutral Positive Sci-Tech Beds (PMY 41), Primary/KPM.
Simple, building synthetic beds with a neutral to neutral positive mood for underscoring science, technology, computing, data-flow, communications and medicine.

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Neutral Driving Landscapes (PMY 35)Primary/KPM.
Simple, building acoustic-driven tracks with a neutral-to-neutral-positive mood, a sense of forward movement and a restrained confidence; perfect for documentary, reality programming, advertising and corporate use. Listen to the tracks >>

Neutral Positive Acoustic (PMY 25)Primary/KPM
Warm, neutral to neutral-positive, sripped-back acoustic cues with gentle builds; perfect for commercials, documentary and lifestyle programming.

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Sunny Feel-Good Acoustic (PMY24)Primary/EMI
Happy, positive, simple, commercial friendly acoustic tracks to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

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Reflective Acoustic (PMY18)Primary/KPM
Simple, spacious and warm acoustic-led tracks with sparse, beautiful melodic elements.
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Building Acoustic (CAVCD 344)Cavendish Music
I’ve made 6 driving and upbuilding tracks on album Building Acoustic (CAVCD 344)Cavendish Music (prev Imagem).

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52 tracks at Scorekeepers MusicThe Supervisor
I’ve got 52 tracks on mixed albums spanning from orchestral to alt rock. Simply search for “Niklas Kurt Aaman” at The Supervisor.

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Drama Toolbox (MAT 195), Match/Universal Music
I’ve made most of the tracks on dramatic and suspenseful album Drama Toolbox (MAT 195).

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Stings & Audio Logos (MAT 191), Match/Universal Music)
I’ve made around 100 stings and logos on Stings & Audio Logos (MAT 191).

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