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My songs on Spotify/Apple Music can be licensed for use in film, videos and ads/promos. Since I own my publishing label, Brusbox Music, this is a one stop music license service ready for you at any time! Simply use the PayPal button below or email me for larger projects, campaigns, series and movies and I’ll get back to you asap.

All licenses includes master/sync use for 1 project. Internet term is perpetual.
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Please check non-approved use use before applying.
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The license, receipt & audio files will be emailed to your PayPal email address within 24h.
No VAT apply on international orders outside EU or from customers with a valid EU-VAT number. Customers from Sweden should use this decicated Swedish cart>> instead.

The rights included
All music licenses includes non-exclusive sync and master rights.

Cue sheet & PRO info
For broadcast/theatrical releases and cue-sheet reports please provide the airing station/producer with the following info:
Composer: Niklas Kurt Åman (100% STIM).
Publisher: Brusbox Music (100% STIM).

For more info check the FAQ, film/tv cred or email any questions.

A selection of my instrumentals on Spotify