June 2018, New Kinetic Energy Playlist 
I've made a playlist feat evocative, upbuilding, active, moving instrumental music. Hope it could be a catalyst for creative flow and thinking or useful in films needing upbuilding, hopeful, motivational music. Check out more playlists >>

May 2018, New album view
The album view now feat a Spotify widget and an iTunes widget plus links to other stores. This is a performance improvement, since players load a lot faster vs old one and the audio quality is higher.

Apr 2018, New Acoustic Playlist
I've made a selection of my acoustic instrumentals on Spotify. Happy Eartravels! 
Check out more playlists >>

Apr 2018, Adjusting to GDPR
We've been going through this website to ensure no personal information will be shared with any other parties and no information will be stored longer than necessary. All according to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a result all featured-in videos and forms has been removed, and licensing, faq and cred-list has been updated. There is now also a Privacy Statement page.

Mar 2018,  New production music project
I'm currently recording and tracking a new production music album for Primary/EMI. It's guitar based but in a little bit different way. Very excited about the project and looking forward to share when released, prel end July-Aug. Check previous releases >>

Jan 2018, Album Pianissimo Drift
Very happy to announce new album Pianissimo Drift is out! It's a toned down combo of subtle piano and guitar playing  - rather quiet minimalist performances bringing less strain to the ears. The deep basses and kicks in there are definitely best experienced using a pair of good headphones. I sincerely hope you'll find this album as enjoyable to listen to as it was producing it - maybe something to relax or focus to.

Oct 2017, Album Wire Portraits
Album Wire Portraits is out! A playful guitar oriented album, based around electric and acoustic guitar ideas. In several places I wanted the guitar to replace traditional drum parts, like Hi-Hat or Snare. A homage to my family and Stockholm in general.

Album overview - click an album cover to listen!