Welcome! Check this playlist out if you’re new to my music…

I feel both thankful and honored that Spotify has made a “This Is Niklas Aman” playlist which is a very nice summary and great introduction to my music. It features a blend of the most popular tracks along with significant songs from each album. Honestly I don’t think I could have done a better selection myself. Thanks Spotify!

Feel free to have a listen and follow the list since it gets updated on a regular basis!

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May 2019, A New Express Music Licensing Store
I’m happy to introduce a new Express Music Licensing Store option for internet based media such as YouTube videos and Internet Ad/Promo Campaigns. Simply add the song to your cart, add project details during checkout, then upon payment high-res audio files and licenses will be instantly emailed to you. Fast, simple and easy, available any time 24/7!
A few examples from the store:

Tracks will be added continuously. Let me know if you’re looking for a specific track and I’ll add it asap!

Apr 2019, New production music release - Positive Daytime Acoustic!

Very happy to announce new production music album Positive Daytime Acoustic has been released at the EMI portal. A collection of bright, simple, positive and upbeat instrumentals I’ve made for Primary, EMI, feat guitar, ukulele, bass and percussion. Listen to the tracks >> and/or check out more production music I’ve made.

Feb 2019, Album Elements is out!! On Spotify, Apple Music and more >>

Dec 2018, Wings 1M plays on Apple Music
I just got fantastic news Wings crossed 1M plays 11 Dec on Apple Music. Thank you so much everyone for tuning in!!

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