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Album Seeking Balance has been released. Featuring 10 evocative, alternative, relaxing, reflective and dreamy instrumentals. Played with guitars, synths, piano, bass and drums. The title refers to back in the day when I did yoga and the yogi said to me “Niklas – you’re trying too much, too hard. You need to find balance.” True as it was then, it’s still relevant somehow, although the music making I do nowadays brings lots of joy, harmony and contribute to the balance. Maybe it’s time to start doing yoga again?

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Album “Abstract Guitar” is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, Tidal, YouTube and more! Made entirely with electric guitar through transitional manipulation effects. The idea to this album came when trying out a new plugin Transit. Blowned away by the variation of sounds in motion, I started to do sketches and theme-based improvisations and the ideas just kept coming. All in all it resulted in 10 songs built upon lots of inspiration, alternative playing and for me very fresh, current and unexpected sounds. Hope you like it!

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6 tracks on album Rise of the Machines (INPIC064, Bibliotheque Music)
I’ve made 6 dark sci-fi tracks, Ominata, If Tomorrow, Interpretations, Departure, Calculated Risk and Domino on the new production music album Rise of the Machines. Futuristic, powerful and brooding.

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3 tracks on album Cyberpunx: Dark Techno (INPIC059, Bibliotheque Music)
Very happy to have contributed with 3 tracks on this new production music album Cyberpunx: Dark Techno! Electronic music with strong beats, gritty basses and loads of sound design. Feel free to have a listen for example to intro track Vortex, also Omni or Thrust.
“Hard hitting, gritty, industrial techno, incorporating the gripping intensity of trailer sound design & FX. Cyberpunx is the sonic exploration of a dystopian future. Relentless energy, meticulously weaving synth melodies & epic, metallic rhythms.”


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