Aug 2018, New Spotify playlist - This is Niklas Aman
Spotify has made a This is Niklas Aman playlist which is a great introduction to my music feat 50 selected tracks. Have a listen, travel by ear >>


July 2018, Prod music album New Hope  is out!
New Hope is out! A new guitar and piano featured production music release at Primary/EMI: "Positive, hopeful, motivating and uplifting guitar-led tracks carefully designed to create an inspirational lift to any media." Listen to the tracks >

July 2018, Wings in Yoga playlist by Apple Music
As an old yoga fan I'm extra happy about and honoured to have track/single Wings in playlist Yoga Monday by Apple Music. Check out Wings and the playlist >>

June 2018, New Kinetic Energy Playlist 
I've made a playlist feat evocative, upbuilding, active, moving instrumental music. Hope it could be a catalyst for creative flow and thinking or useful in films needing upbuilding, hopeful, motivational music. Check out more playlists >>

May 2018, New album view
The album view now feat a Spotify widget and an iTunes widget plus links to other stores. This is a performance improvement, since players load a lot faster vs old one and the audio quality is higher.

Apr 2018, New Acoustic Playlist
I've made a selection of my acoustic instrumentals on Spotify, with vibes ranging from positive, hopeful, beautiful, focus to relaxing and calming. Happy Eartravels!!
Check out more playlists >>


Jan 2018, Album Pianissimo Drift
Very happy to announce new album Pianissimo Drift is out! It's a toned down combo of subtle piano and guitar playing  - rather quiet minimalist performances bringing less strain to the ears. Listen to the songs >>

Album overview - click an album cover to listen!

Check out my songs on Spotify and Apple Music