Niklas Aman - guitarplaying

Passion For Music
I’m a Stockholm based music maker, having produced instrumental music for about 35 years and find great joy in composing, playing, recording and mixing. On top of it having people enjoying my songs, studying to my music or using them in films, tv and radio shows - that’s just fantastic! I feel very privileged, thankful, honoured and happy to be able to do what I do, living my dream.

What's Behind the Music
I'm putting sound to daily experiences and surroundings. The music I do is telling my life story in rough terms, the life here in Stockholm, news and thoughts around the world that caught my attention, but some of it is also just about playful experimentation with forms and numbers. 

Being a guitarist, but also playing other instruments like piano, synth, bass, ukulele, mandolin, percussion, most of my music is performed and realtime recorded rather than sample based or written in MIDI. I like the human element in there, the fluctuations in timing and intonation. I'm quite fond of illusionary patterns and polyrhythmic beds, so that is a common element in my songs. Doing atmospheric effects on the electric guitars instead of synths has been a favourite for long. Also lately has been a lot about using less drums, letting the other instruments speak rhythmically instead.

So, basically I’m enjoying work and living here in Stockholm together with my wife and am a very happy father of now two grown ups and also one adorable grandkid - so proud of them all.

Greater Values
From time to time I’ve asked myself if I contribute enough to the world just by making music and simply feel good about it? Sure I’ve influenced the nearest and dearest a bit, and those music students in the past as well, but the best answer to this came back in 2010 when I started my own music catalogue and label. It was an eye opener to experience how my songs were used various media to send a message – about hope, about never giving up, about solutions against poverty, clean water intitiatives, about saving endangered spieces, about programmes to build a better world, about humanity, equality, respect, everyone’s right to education, and those campaigns to enlighten us, to fight war, injustice, racism, trafficking and other inhumane conditions.

Finally the feedback from people all over the globe on the work I do has been and is... simply amazing! Means the world to me!
Thank you so much!!

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Publishers representing Niklas Aman’s music
Brusbox Music – Niklas own label, representing public albums/tracks on iTunes/Spotify.
PrimaryEMI Production Music, exclusive albums Neutral Positive Sci-Tech Beds (PMY 41)Neutral Driving Landscapes (PMY 35) Neutral Positive Acoustic (PMY 25)Sunny Feel-Good Acoustic (PMY 24) and Reflective Acoustic (PMY 18).
Cavendish Music (prev Imagem), a couple of exclusive tracks feat on album Building Acoustic (CAVCD 344).
Universal/Match – exclusive production music feat on albums Drama Toolbox (MAT 195) and Stings & Audio Logos (MAT 191).

Cue Sheet & PRO info
For broadcast/theatrical releases, please provide the airing station/producer with the following:
Composer: Niklas Aman (100% STIM), Publisher: Brusbox Music (100% STIM).

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