Broadcasting producers, editors and music supervisors – my music is on Soundmouse!
My albums/tracks are also available on Soundmouse – a great tool for automatic cue sheets and high res wav downloads. When logged in simply search for “Niklas Aman” and/or a track/album, then if you use my music in TV/radio programs, news or documentaries, send in the details on a cue sheet to your PRO and I’m happy as is! No master/sync license needed. Please note – any use of music in ads, promos, series, movies or feature films need a master/sync license, which you’ll get by filling in the form below or email the project details.

Info for Cue Sheets (more details >>)
Composer: Niklas Kurt Aaman (100% STIM), CAE/IPI: 256085950. Spelled Niklas Kurt Åman if using Swedish characters.

Fast Clearance and Flexible Rates
My tracks can be licensed for use in visual media such as movies, films, ads/promos, videos, apps and more. Since I own both master/publishing, getting a license is a breeze! Rates starts at $1.00/second and depends on length of use, territory and term. If you’re on a specific music budget I’m all ears! Use the form below or email the project details and I’ll get back to you with a quote within 24h!

The Rights Included
All music licenses includes non-exclusive master/sync rights.

Need high-res audio files to try out before applying for a license?
All tracks are available in high-res on Soundmouse and a selection of tracks in the Music Catalogue.

More Info
The production music I’ve made for other publishers can be licensed at respective publisher.
Feel free to check out previous placements >>
Learn more in the FAQ and/or email for any questions.


For the invoice
For the invoice. Only needed for new customers.
For a zero-rated invoice and VAT self-assessment. Only needed for new customers.
For the music license
For the music license
For example "Wings 3:14" or "Train 97 seconds"