Fast Direct Licensing
My songs on Spotify/Apple Music and in the music catalog are pre-cleared for use in short films, movies, documentaries, tv-series, ads, promos and other visual media. Since I also own the publishing label, Brusbox Music, this is a one stop, all covered and fast cleared music license service ready for you at any time. Simply fill in the license request form or email the project details and I’ll be back within 24h.

Flexible Affordable License Rates
Internet rates starts at $1.00/second, TV ads starts at $10.00/second, depending on several factors like media, territory and term. Fill in the form for a quote or email the project details and I’ll get back at you asap. Also if you’re on a specific music budget in a project I’m all ears and will try to match it!

The rights included
A license includes both publishing/sync and master rights, giving the client upon payment the non-exclusive right to use the music, use of the master recordings, to do edits, to synchronize music to film or other visual media.

Payments via IBAN/SWIFT/BIC or PayPal
All payments are handled via IBAN/SWIFT/BIC or PayPal. The Niklas Aman company is located in Sweden. No VAT apply on orders from EU customers with a valid EU-VAT number or international orders outside EU. 6% VAT apply in Sweden.

Supporting Non-profit Organizations
I would like to support any non-religious and non-political organisations working for human rights, equality, against poverty, for peace, for clean water, clean air and climate sustainability by offering use of my songs in the music catalog without any license fees. Simply email me the project details for clearance and licensing.

Cue sheet & PRO info
For broadcast/theatrical releases, please provide the airing station/producer with the following info:
Composer: Niklas Kurt Åman (100% STIM). Publisher: Brusbox Music (100% STIM).

Feel free to check out previous placements in films/documentaries/tv/ads >>

Music License Request Form

Only needed for new customers.
The name of the end client the project is for/about.
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By clicking “Submit” you agree to this form being sent via email and that any details you’ve provided will be used to calculate a license rate and/or create a music license. No personal details will be stored longer than necessary in this process. No personal details will be shared with any third party. All according to the GDPR. See privacy statement for further details.