Fast one-stop clearance and music licensing for film/tv/video
All songs on my albums and singles can be licensed for use in movies, series, films, documentaries and ads/promos as long as it is quality content with a high ethical standard (check non-approved content if you’re unsure). The music licenses are non-exclusive and includes master/sync rights. Rates depends on length of use, media, territory and term. Use license form/store below or send me an email and I’ll get back to you with a quote and/or a license asap.

Express option for instant licenses and audio downloads
Use the express license store if you need immediate clearance and high-res audio for internet only videos & campaigns. Search song titles below:


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Cue sheet & PRO info
Composer: Niklas Kurt Åman (100% STIM).
Publisher: Brusbox Music (100% STIM).
For broadcast/theatrical releases and cue-sheet reports please provide the airing station/producer with the info above. If you only can use english ASCII characters when reporting, Aman or Aaman will work fine instead of Åman.

Music Supervisors, Editors, Creatives, Directors - get customized playlists!
I’ve got a +700 titles catalog with plenty of extra alt/reduced versions. Let me know what mood or genre you’re looking for, any preferred format, and I’ll send you a customized playlist asap.

Need audio files to try out in your edits or high-res when finalizing?
High-res mp3/aif files are included in any express license purchase. There are also check-boxes for audio downloads in the License Request Form. Furthermore the newest and most popular tracks can be downloaded after a simple registration here >>. You’re always welcome to email me for high-res audio files or if you’re on a large project and need lots of music you’ll get download access to my music catalog. Also albums and tracks can be downloaded on some places like iTunes, Amazon, MediaNet or Tidal for example.

Effective one-stop licensing with flexible rates
Since I own 100% of my compositions, recordings and publishing, this is a fast one-stop licensing service without any intermediaries. If you’re on a specific music budget I’m all ears, simply email me the details and I’m sure we can work something out.

Supporting non-profit orgs for humanity and sustainability
I’m happy to support non-profit organizations working for human rights, equality, peace and clean water/air/nature sustainability projects with licenses free of charge. Simply use form below or email me the details.

More Info
Feel free to check out Previous Placements >>
Any external production music licensing is handled at each publishers site.
Learn more in the FAQ and/or Email for any questions!

Check out the Express License Store for Internet/YouTube use only, instant downloads. A few examples below:

A selection of my instrumentals on Spotify