Fast Clearance and Generous Rates
My tracks and albums can be licensed for use in films, documentaries, TV/radio programmes, apps and more. Since I own and control both sides (master/publishing), getting a license is a breeze! The license rates are flexible and if you’re on a specific music budget I’m all ears! Use the form below or email the project details and I’ll get back to you within 24h!

The Rights Included
All music licenses includes non-exclusive master/sync rights.

Info for eventual Cue Sheets (more details >>)
Composer: Niklas Kurt Aaman (100% STIM), CAE/IPI: 256085950. Spelled Niklas Kurt Åman if using Swedish characters.

Need high-res audio files to try out before applying for a license?
All tracks are available in high-res on Soundmouse and a selection of tracks in the Mini Music Catalogue.

More Info
The production music I’ve made for other publishers is licensed at respective publisher.
Feel free to check out previous placements >>
Learn more in the FAQ and/or email for any questions.


For the invoice
For the invoice. Only needed for new customers.
For a zero-rated invoice and VAT self-assessment. Only needed for new customers.
For the music license
For the music license
For example "Wings 3:14" or "Train 97 seconds"