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Cue Sheet info and Meta Data
For broadcast/theatrical releases and cue-sheet reports please provide the airing station/producer with the following info:
Composer: Niklas Kurt Aaman (100% STIM), CAE/IPI: 256085950. Spelled Niklas Kurt Åman if using Swedish characters.
Artist: Niklas Aman
Production Music Artist: Niklas Kurt Aaman
Production Music Publisher: Various publishers see production music page >>

All music is performed by: Niklas Åman, IPN: 10470378.

Publishers/Labels on my self-released albums/tracks

Music Production Company: Dreamvehicle Music (owned by Niklas Åman)
Publisher: Dreamvehicle Music (100% STIM), CAE/IPI: 1224812089
Record Label: Dreamvehicle Music

Publisher (before 2024): Brusbox Music (100% STIM), CAE/IPI: 622512877
Record Label (before 2024): Brusbox Music

If you’re using Soundmouse for automated cue-sheet reporting, my music is available there and will be recognized by their app/system.

Production Music
The production music I’ve made for other publishers is especially adapted for use in film, tv, promos, documentaries and other visual media and is very easy to license at respective publisher. Check out the releases and listen to the music >>

Get fast Clearance and Music Licenses for using my self-released tracks
Any track from my self-released albums can also be licensed for use in films, videos, documentaries, TV/radio programmes, apps and more. Since I own and control both sides (master/publishing), getting a license is a breeze! The license rates are flexible and if you’re on a specific music budget I’m all ears! Use the form on the licensing page or email the project details and I’ll get back to you within 24h!

Need high-res audio files for your film/video production?
My indie albums/ tracks are available as high-res wavs (48kHz 24 bit) on Soundmouse. Furthermore, albums and tracks can still be downloaded on some places like iTunes, Amazon, or Tidal for example.

What Rights are included in a music license?
Non-exclusive master/sync rights.

Are there any additional fees?
No, not in most cases, but it depends. For instance are the performance rights usually already cleared between broadcasters and performance rights organizations such as big tv/radio stations, YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, or Instagram, but if you upload a video to a small new service/site/provider/broadcaster or if you want to use music in a public presentation, like on a trade show there might be additional fees handled by the performance rights organization (PRO) in your country i.e. BMI, ASCAP, PRS, STIM, SOCAN, SACEM, GEMA, etc.

This usually doesn’t affect you as a film maker/producer since most broadcasters have blanket deals or similar already with their PRO. In some cases on certain projects this is negotiable between composer-client, contact me for more info if you have any questions. Please remember to fill in those cue-sheets properly with composer Niklas Kurt Åman (100% STIM) and publisher Brusbox Music (100% STIM), or eventual PRO-royalties that should have been directed to me would end up in a meaningless unmatched pile of funds. 

Music License Payments and VAT
Music license payments are handled securely via IBAN/SWIFT/BIC or PayPal. The Niklas Aman company is located in Sweden. No VAT apply on orders from EU customers with a valid EU-VAT number or international orders outside EU. 6% VAT (moms) apply for customers in Sweden.

I’m just interested in listening to your music, where can I buy or stream your songs?
My tracks and albums are available on Apple Music, SpotifyiTunesAmazonGoogle PlayDeezerRhapsody and more… Search for “Niklas Aman” in your favorite online music store and you’ll probably find my albums there.

External production music (search for composer/artist Niklas Kurt Aaman, aka’s Niklas Ahman or Niklas Aman)
Primary/EMI, albums Stargazing Semi-Acoustic (PMY 63), Positive Daytime Acoustic (PMY 55), New Hope (PMY 50), Neutral Positive Sci-Tech Beds (PMY 41)Neutral Driving Landscapes (PMY 35) Neutral Positive Acoustic (PMY 25)Sunny Feel-Good Acoustic (PMY 24) and Reflective Acoustic (PMY 18).

Bibliotheque Music album Synthdrive (TBX109), a couple of tracks on albums Cyberpunx: Dark Techno (INPIC059, Bibliotheque Music)Rise of the Machines (INPIC064, Bibliotheque Music)PD Re-Imaginings (INPIC060, Bibliotheque Music)Beats: Japan (BIBTQ158)Transitions: Emotive Builds (INPIC023)Synth Stories Vol. 2 (TBX066).

Cavendish Music (prev Imagem), a couple of tracks on album Building Acoustic (CAVCD 344).

Universal/Match – music feat on albums Drama Toolbox (MAT 195) and Stings & Audio Logos (MAT 191).

Data handling according to GDPR
By sending me an email any data submitted will be handled securely and with outmost privacy only to be used for it’s intended original purpose. No information provided will be shared with any other parties. No information will be stored longer than necessary to uphold Swedish company laws and EU regulations. All according to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).