How to get a music license and clearance
All music on this site is pre-cleared for use in film, tv and other visual media. Use the license request form or simply email the details to get clearance and a music license for your project. You’ll then get a quote/invoice and upon payment a music license will be sent to you. See more info on license rates and non-approved content.

The B2B Music Catalog and download section - how does it work?
Login – preview – mp3/wav downloads – report usage when edit is locked/finished – invoice – music license. A service intended for film makers, editors, creatives, agencies, music supervisors, producers and other film/media professionals. Sign up >>

Nice Simple Rates

Internet use (per project, worldwide, perpetual, based on estimated views during first year)
Up to 100k views: $149/track.
Up to 1M views: $290/track.
Up to 10 M views: $570/track.
Above 10M views: Request a quote >>

TV Ad 3 months: Local $490/track, National $990/track.
TV Ad 1 year: Local $990/track, National $1990/track.
Cinema Ad 1 year national: $1490/track.

Request a quote for other use such as campaign media combos, documentaries, movies, filmfestival, trade shows, exhibitions, radio, internal/corporate and apps.

Feel free to contact me for any customized licensing models such as blanket, per second, or matching your film/campaign music budget.

Invoicing can be made in all major currencies, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc, according to exchange rates at Business is registered and located in Sweden. No VAT on international orders outside EU or if having a valid EU-VAT number.

How to solve eventual YouTube Content ID claims
If you get a YouTube content id claim or copyright notice – simply send me a link to the video and I'll fix it for you, or check the quick guide if you prefer to solve things yourself. At anytime you’re welcome to request a copy of previous licenses or email me if you need help.

Is this royalty free?

Do you offer Buyout licenses?
Yes, you can license any song made since 2014 exclusively. Furthermore clients also refer to "buy out" as an all media, all territory, perpetual, non-exclusive license which is also possible. Email for a quote >>

Do you offer blanket licenses?
Yes. Email for a quote >>

The rights included
The standard license includes both publishing and master rights, giving the client upon payment the non-exclusive right to use the music, use of the master recordings, to do edits, to synchronize music to film or other visual media and also the duplication right to make copies of your work, on dvds for example. If not stated differently, all licenses are per project based.

Non-profit/student/personal use for free?
No free licenses. Personal/student use is not supported due to lack of time. Please don't send me requests unless it's for profit use. See more info on license rates and non-approved content.

Eventual additional Public Performance Rights
The license doesn’t include rights to public performances, for instance a broadcast or a theatrical release. This is handled by each country’s PRO (performance rights organization), i.e. BMI, ASCAP, PRS, STIM, SOCAN, GEMA, etc. This usually doesn’t affect you as a film maker/producer since most broadcasters have blanket deals or similar with their PRO. In some cases on certain projects this is negotiable between composer-client, contact me for more info.

Cue Sheet & PRO info
For eventual broadcast and theatrical releases, please provide the airing station/producer with the following PRO details:
Composer: Niklas Aman (100% STIM)
Publisher: Brusbox Music (100% STIM)
This will work in every country no matter PRO (ie ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, PRS, GEMA, STIM, etc).

Do you make bespoke/custom music?
Occasionally. It's becoming more and more rare. Times are quite busy nowadays, but if the project is interesting I'm all ears.  Email >>

I’m just interested in listening to your music, where can I buy or stream your songs?
My tracks and albums are available on iTunesAmazonGoogle PlaySpotifyDeezerBigpond MusiceMusic7digitalRhapsodygogo yokoGanxymogtradebitartistxciteGumbo DigitalpuretracksfairsharemusicLemon Tunes and more places.. Search for “Niklas Aman” in your favorite online music store and you’ll probably find my albums there.

Production Music releases
PrimaryEMI Production Music, exclusive albums Neutral Positive Acoustic (PMY 25)Sunny Feel-Good Acoustic (PMY 24) and Reflective Acoustic (PMY 18).
Cavendish Music (prev Imagem), a couple of exclusive tracks feat on album Building Acoustic (CAVCD 344).
Universal/Match – exclusive production music feat on cds Drama Toolbox (MAT 195) and Stings & Audio Logos (MAT 191).