- it's all about the music
I'm a composer and musician. My intentions with this site is to showcase my music and to offer music licenses to companies that are interested in music for their film or tv-projects.

Use of cookies for visitor statistics
Some visitor data is collected automatically by the website provider to show statistics - like traffic overview, traffic sources, popular content, geography, search engine queries, site search queries, RSS subscribers and activity log. The purpose of this data is simply to get a realtime picture of how many visits this website is getting over time. No information is stored or used for other purposes. Any visitor have the option to agree to this by clicking the "Continue"-button in the cookie banner when they visit for the first time.

Email handling according to GDPR
By sending an email any data submitted will be handled securely and with outmost privacy only to be used for it's intended original purpose. You will not be added to any email newslist. No personal information will be shared with any other parties. No information will be stored longer than necessary. All according to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Correspondence that isn't project or business related will be removed when it's not relevant anymore. Quotes will be removed after they have expired. Business related emails will be stored as long as needed to uphold Swedish company laws. If you are a previous customer, you can at any time request details on what data is being stored.

For business clients - document storage policy and handling of data
My business is located in Sweden. Any documents being issued such as licenses and invoices are only being made to fulfil the clients needs. Payments are handled securely using wire transfer or PayPal. The secure encrypted storage solution I use is located in Sweden. My ambition is to run a healthy business at a high level of ethical standard where every customer is treated with equal respect. As a service to the customers there's a backup copy of the license being securely stored for 10 years in case you should lose it. You can always ask to remove any license at any time if you so wish. According to Swedish company laws invoices need to be stored for 7 years (from the end of that calendar year), then they will be removed. 

Data requests
You're most welcome as a customer to request any data that's being stored about you.

In general
All data is only being used for it's original purpose. No personal data is being shared. No personal or business data is being stored longer than necessary.