Niklas Aman is a Stockholm based music maker, passionate about instrumental music. Having done mostly bespoke work to films and production music in the past (for more info see Film/TV cred), his song Wings got placed in the intro to movie Meet Bill (2007) - which raised a lot of interest and was the main reason to release a first album back in 2008 also named Wings.

Niklas mainly plays guitars but he also often add piano and synths to his sound palette. Over time he has particularly worked on finding interesting sounds on the electric guitar. Lately this has developed more and more into just using electric/acoustic guitars and piano as a tonal palette - for instance the recent albums Ante Meridiem, C and Wire Portraits are all guitar based with a few exceptions for other instruments. Album Pianissimo Drift feat a toned down combo of close captured subtle piano and guitar playing - rather quiet performances bringing less strain to the ears. New single Solar Wings return to the piano over harp arrangements introduced 10 years ago in his first release Wings. Continuing working with mainly subtle guitar and piano during the fall 2018, a set of new ideas on minimalist fundamentals - mostly chords and themes in poly-metric and/or polyrhythmic relations, has been developing into full length tracks released on album Elements Feb 2019.

Born 1968 in Södertälje, Sweden, named Kurt Niklas Åhman (later the "h" got removed to just Åman/Aman and sometimes Aaman is used internationally by publishers) he moved around a lot the first years between cities, before family finally decided to settle down in Vollsjö, a small village in the south of Sweden. Living there on the countryside, well there weren’t too much to do besides sports... but when he got his first guitar at age 14 things started to bloom.

Listening to a lot of different music and guitarists he passionately practiced as much as he could. Early influences were bands like Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Saga, Van Halen and a bit later on the master guitarists Allan Holdsworth, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Pat Metheny and Paco de Lucia. It all resulted in joining and forming various bands like "AcropoLiz", writing songs, rehearsing, doing gigs and forming a local music community. During this time he studied to become an engineer, but decided to quit school and took various industrial jobs to pay the bills. He then got a great opportunity (thanks to bandmate and bassist Lasse) as stand-in guitar teacher for a term at Kristianstad University.

Shortly after the guitar teaching gig he got his first job as a professional guitarist back in 1992 – in a small drama/dance ensemble called "Kärnteatern", Malmö. He then moved to Stockholm and got the opportunity to write music for and perform in various drama-performance-hybrids, projects like “Skräck i Sommarnatten” (1993), “Variete Vauduvill” (1994) and experimental pop/phoetry-project “Blue Orange” (1994).

In 1995 he met his wife Nina (they got married 1997) and they decided to move to Varberg (Swedish town on the west coast). There he did music to and also co-produced the exhibition “Salt & Hägringar” - an exhibition about signs and symbols, together with Nina in 1997. Furthermore jamming a lot, he joined a free-form group "Powder" and picked up the guitar teaching again. He also initiated and led a multi-cultural project called "Kvalen" - giving unemployed a chance to try new things like art, music and crafts. Later on in 1999 he started his first music production business called “Blue Spot”, doing bespoke music for video spots, short films, promos and ads.

A year later, moving back to Stockholm he got introduced to Match Music – BMG (all thanks to Christer - film editor on previous work in Varberg) and this resulted in doing production music on two cd’s called “Drama Toolbox” and “Stings & Audio Logos”. After a few publisher ownership changes the albums can nowadays be find under the Universal Music Umbrella. The tracks were very well received with numerous placements in tv and films. For example did “BAFTA Awards” (BBC) use his sound design the whole evening back in 2003 (from “Stings & Audio Logos”). During this time in 2002 he also took a 1 year university course in orchestral arrangement (Växjö Högskola, now Linnaeus University) and the year after he got introduced to philosophy (one term Södertörn/Stockholm). During those years he also worked part time as a music mentor at MFK, Stockholm.

Back in 2005 music business name changed to Brusbox and he continued with doing bespoke music for corporate clients, also writing experimental music in various forms in parallel with the music mentoring job at MFK.

Things evolved over the years and primary focus was on making production music adapted for film, published through various music libraries and publishers. Also during this period several songs were made that would later end up on the first public album Wings.

In 2008 with help from publisher Crucial Music he got a fantastic placement, a 90 sec intro to the movie “Meet Bill”. The song “Wings” was placed just months later once again by the same publisher in another movie “Inconceivable”. All this gained interest for song Wings so it was released as a single back in July 2008.

2010 was an incredible year with music in movie Last Song, award winning documentary “Talhotblond”, "Spy Wars", "Cold Case Files", "Cartoon Network", "Top Gear" and a "Ralph Lauren" documentary to name a few. In parallel with doing tracks for libraries Niklas also got involved doing music in two short film projects “Biljardkungen”,  and “Love Like Hers”. 2010 was also the start of the Full Access Catalogue feat all songs by Niklas available online for film makers, editors and music supervisors. After an increasing amount of requests he also decided to publish selected songs on iTunes albums Wings and Good To Be Here.

2011-2012 was a lot about doing custom music to short films and developing the music catalogue further. Great placements were made in several documentaries such as LV :In The Moment, The Shadow of the Condor, People in Motion and shorter sports docu portraits and also a long row of tv/cinema ads & promos. Via other publishers a great number of his songs were used in both tv and film. Album Above the Clouds was released in 2011 and the albums Stirred Up, Fly Away the following year and also film music compilation Dis Order (not longer available in stores) from music he's made to short films. Furthermore there was an increase in supporting non-profit/human aid/for good organizations with music such as Red Cross (Finland), Plan (Vietnam), Global Glimpse (US), the Rumi Foundation and Clinton Foundation (UK/US). 

Continuing on the journey mostly within the acoustic, alternative and ambient genres two new instrumental albums RED and The Talks were released in 2013, a year that also been a lot about music in documentaries and bespoke work in various projects.

In 2014 even more focus was put on the expanding the music catalogue. 3 albums were released - TrainPerfect Day and Light and Water, along with that - projects, clients and placements got larger. He once again joined Soundcloud since new distributor made it easier to release albums there. iTunes/Spotify distribution changed to make it easier for clients to license tracks.

In search of new sounds most of 2015 was about using alternative tools, techniques and exploring new fx, especially on the electric guitars. It all resulted in the albums Fields and The Meeting, both feat sparse, toned down, subdued, minimalist arrangements. Most of them without drums, mainly guitars and piano. Furthermore song Send Receive (from album Train) got quite a lot of attention and a great boost in plays due to being featured in one of Spotify's own playlists Deep Focus. Due to the increased workload he decided to loose a few "hats", quitting his part time music mentor job at MFK and put full focus on the music production part.

During the fall he got a great opportunity to do an acoustic album for PrimaryEMI Production Music. He spent most of the fall recording acoustic material that got released a couple of months later in Feb 2016 as Reflective Acoustic (PMY 18)

2016 was a busy year with several releases - alternative guitar based album Ante Meridiem, ambient one stem soundscape experiments Scapes Ett under aka Nick Instems and production music albums Neutral Positive Acoustic (PMY 25)Sunny Feel-Good Acoustic (PMY 24). Furthermore he finalized the original score for short film Motus by Oton Bacar (which started as pre-prod a couple of years back due to need of music early for several scenes), for festivals/tv.

Two new production music project collaborations with Primary/EMI were released during 2017 - acoustic Neutral Driving Landscapes and electronic Neutral Positive Sci-Tech Beds. Furthermore his acoustic/electric album C was released in April. mainly built around and improvised on "C-parts". In October came album Wire Portraits - an homage to Gröndal/Stockholm and a special thank you to his wife, daughter and son, with a focus on electric guitars, arpeggios and chords but also analog synths and occasional acoustic instruments.

Early in 2018 album Pianissimo Drift was released - feat warm, alternative, ambient, relaxing sounds centered around prepared piano, deep bass and guitar. All played very softly, resulting in subtle and subdued sounding album. Later on, most of spring were spent on recording guitar oriented production music album New Hope (PMY 50) released in end of July. In Aug new single Solar Wings was out, celebrating 10 years since first release Wings.

Continuing working with mainly subtle guitar and piano during the fall, a set of new ideas on fundamentals - mostly chords and themes in poly-metric and/or polyrhythmic relations, has been developing into full length tracks, now released on album Elements in Feb 2019. In parallel he also recorded acoustic guitar and ukulele for a new Primary/EMI project Positive Daytime Acoustic which was released in April 2019.

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