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Nice recent placements

Very nice to have piano tracks Simple Things and Climbing Structures in the intro of new Volvo Trucks vid Volvo Trucks – Foreseeing the future with Volvo Trucks’ design team by Spoon.


Honored to have my tracks Empty Streets and Places in this very moving documentary by The Denver Post about homeless schoolchildren and their struggles. Read more >>.


Very happy to have song Machinista in short film Lives Being Changed at the 2014 Steve’s Club Leadership Camp by Ninety Nine Films for Steve’s Club National Program.


Happy to have track Machinista in nice short doc “Cinnamon essential oil production” – another episode of the series CONNECT TO stories from the value chain filmed and produced by Paul Zetter, ensemble films for Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC.


Proud to have the tracks Slomo Rotors, Empty Streets and Morning Sea feat in this moving film Respect: Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers take risks to save lives by Tatu Blomqvist and Jarkko Mikkionen at the Finnsih Red Cross Field Communications Unit.


Very happy to have track Future Call in this moving and warm mini doc A man called Jack by Philip Bloom feat Jack Borsodi and Eric Kessler about real and honest friendship.

Music in ASUS screensaver

Very happy to have track Seagull in an ASUS Screensaver by Albert Lan.


Music in documentaries

I’m very happy about my music is feat throughout the awarded documentary movie The Condor’s Shadow by Jeff McLoughlin, Good Eye Films, about the Californian Condor – an endangered species saved.


I’ve got a series of tracks feat in the mid section of new moving documentary The Fire Line: Wildfire in Colorado by The Denver Post about Colarado’s devastating wildfires. My track Future Memo appears in various mixes btw 6:11-11:03, then Two 20:02-22:24, Going Home btw 22:25-23:55 and Feet 23:56-26:30.


Enjoy the tracks Stirred Up, Wings, Up a Storm and Momentum in the nice and inspiring parkour documentary People in Motion by Cedric Dahl.


Music in movies
The Last Song
In one of the amusement park scenes Summer Breeze (aka Dirt Road, publ Freeplay Music) is placed in the movie The Last Song starring Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Greg Kinnear.


mbMeet Bill
Crucial Music
have placed Drifting (aka Wings) in the movie “Meet Bill” starring Jessica Alba and Aaron Eckhart. Get more details at IMDb and at Green Street Films.


Music in short portraits and promos

Enjoy very nice short documentary “Portrait of a boxer” starring Festim Lama by Philip Bloom, assistant James Miller, feat track “Behind The Door“. Shot for Sony Extra.


Enjoy Josh Dueck in the amazing Back flip on a Sit Ski promo for the documentary about Josh. Made by Mike Douglas, Salomon Freeski TV, feat my track Stirred Up.


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