April 5 - Album C
Very happy to announce the release of new album C! Feel free to check it out on SpotifyiTunesGoogle PlayAmazonDeezer and more.
When recording the initial ideas/sketches on this project I early felt I was heading away from the traditional A/B form and wanted to do something else… More like develop thoughts/material around C-parts, open structures and improvisations. Furthermore my goal has always been to make music that reflect where I am in life. Since getting 50 is around the corner, with kids now pretty much grown up and having made music for just about 35 years, it feels like I’ve reached a level C somehow (on an endless scale I should add) - Hence the name C.

March 31 - Production music album Neutral Driving Landscapes
Very happy about how the latest acoustic production music project for Primary/EMI turned out! All there for you to enjoy as Neutral Driving Landscapes.
A lot of work was spent on the details and keep the recordings and arrangements arrangements clean, simple and highly usable for tv/film production, resulting in 10 main tracks/themes in a total of 115 variations, reduced versions, 30 sec, 60 sec, loops and stings. Here's from the album description at EMI Play "Simple, building acoustic-driven tracks with a neutral-to-neutral-positive mood, a sense of forward movement and a restrained confidence; perfect for documentary, reality programming, advertising and corporate use."