I'm very happy about, honored and thankful to have music placed in these projects:

Meet Bill (Aaron Eckhart, Jessica Alba), Last Song ( Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth), Inconceivable (Jennifer Tilly, Andie MacDowell).

The Condor’s Shadow, Lindsey Vonn:In The Moment, The Big Picture Documentaries - Tech Trap, Trying to live trying to learn, Desperate Journey: CBD in Colorado, Richard Hammond Builds a Planet, Talhotblond, People in Motion, The Fire Line: Wildfire in Colorado, Series Connect To, PSARD series, Through Gay Eyes, Mud and Guts, Rencontres au Burkina Faso, Mental Breakdown: Timothy, Series Puerto Rico, Generations, The Heart to Heart Story, Hidden Treasures of New York, Em Meu Nome, Break Away.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Top Gear, Oprah Winfrey Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, BAFTA Awards, Nascar Inside Nextel Cup, Cribs, MTV Danger Coast, National Geographic, Rude Tube, Golden Globes Winners, Cheer Perfection, Breakout, Aqui y Ahora, Bait Car, Flipping Out, I thought the law, Lights Out, Monstresses, My First Home, My New Wild Life, Mystery Diagnosis, Personal Justice, Rock the Boat, Richard Hammond Builds A Plane, Alien Encounters, Sand Blasters, Beverly Hills Nannies, E News Daily, Giuliana and Bill, Here Comes Honey Boo, Super Surgery, Spy Wars, Wives with Knives, Traveler’s Guide To Life, I Fight, Ultimate Guide To The Presidents, Nova, Mystery Diagnosis, Bizarre Collections, Interior Therapy, Secret Service Secrets, Catfish: The Tv Show, 112 Luftens hjaltar, 112 Pa Liv och dod, Danger Coast, Kustbevakarna Vast, Halv Atta hos mig, Extreme Engineering, SBS Brussels, Sniper Bulletproof, Meteorite Men, I (Almost) Got Away With It, Off Limits, Infested, Auction Kings, Oprah’s Big Give, Surprise Homecoming, Jumbly Way, Sandmasters, All On The Line, Hole In The Wall, Let’s Make A Deal, Ryttareliten, Unpoppables, Rock N Jock Countdown, Museum of Life, Day Under Fire, Amsale Girls, Toddlers And Tiaras, Rise Of The Continents / Americas, Tiniest Tween Kenadie, That’s Tough, Super Surgery, Shark Hunters, Quest, Underdog to Wonderdog, Cold Case Files, Blade Brothers, Booze Traveler, Bouncing Off Vapors, Can Family Save My Business, Best Thing I Ever Ate, 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, This Changes Everything, History Detectives, Blackwood Pictures, Infor Eldsjalsgalan, Diana Et Les Fantome, Barret Jackson, Life On The Block, Mitt i Naturen, Farmen, Wife Swap, Desighuset, Boston Tea Party, Elixir, Cold Turkey, Robinson, Top Model, Oceans 8, Du Ar Vad Du Ater, Efterlyst, Motorjournalen, Monde Selon. Living, Des Racines, War Stories, Celebrity Eye Candy, From Hell, Celebrity Exposed, Acces Hollywood, Hollywood Green, Janice Dickinson Model Agency, IDOL, Kustbevakarna Vast, WHDH news, Mullvaden, Sjukhuset, Rent Hus, Paradise Hotel, Robinson, Sveriges Varsta Bilforare, Rent Hus, On Assignment, WCMH news, Auto Racing, M6 France, Shark Hunters, Academy, Springwatch, Myggan, Operation Repo, Access Hollywood, K9 Karma, Halvatta Hos Mig, Go on Get up.

Internet and/or TV/Cinema promos for
ASUS, Ralph Lauren, Google, IFRC, ESPN, UK government, Sony Europe, Activia, Infiniti, Nissan, Volvo Trucks, ZF, Whole Foods Market, Macys, Sperry Top-Sider, Whirlpool Appliances, Salomon Freeski TV, NUVOtv, Timken, PLAN Vietnam, SWITCH Asia, The Finnish Red Cross, Poltrona Frau, NITTO, UN Int School Hanoi, UKTI, Little Dot Studios, United Way, eMarketeer, Steamboat, Museum of London, Manfrotto, nuvoTV, Le Méridien Eclair Diaries feat Chef Johnny Iuzzini, James Heal, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, Maurer & Wirtz, Local Projects, Gallery One, Gamut USA, Snowman Kickstarter, Katawave, IXXI Cosmetics, Risk Zones FRC App, Robot Turtles, Western Union, Rumi Foundation, Clinton Foundation, Hampton Court Palace, Whistler Blackcomb, MCNV, Dartmouth Football, Michael Hill, New Zealand Veterinary Association, Emma Colburn, Claressa Shields, Alessandro Angelozzi Couture, Autotrader, DP World Caucedo, Vagheggi, Sign & Print Scandinavia, Osterlenskolan för konst och design, UWCT Copenhagen, Camp Mishawaka, Ruco Line, Pinko, Global Glimpse, St. Regis Hotells & Resorts, Artwave Clothing, REACH, Woodland, H&I Concepts Ay, SkiEvent, TASBO, Skievent 2014, The Loop, Barents Rescue Exercise 2015, Hilliard Lamps, Panhandle Independent Living Center, Steve’s Paleo Goods, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Vietnam, Bokeh (movie) Kickstarter promo, The Sillsport Group, Gruppo Poli, Texas Education Agency, Trinity College Dublin, Hugh Leeman video portrait, Portrait of a boxer, Seelsorge Krankenhaus, Mapex Drums, EUCA, Far Fetched, Crosby Studios, Stop-and-Frisk, AIDA Concept, Blue Suntree, A Smile For Africa Foundation, Plato Woodwork, WHITE, Pogo Boards, Hampton Court Palace Gardens, Etsy, Josie’s Organics, Havas Life, Early Childhood Centre, Environmental Intellect, URX, Sold (movie promo),Greg Minnaar, Universidad Anáhuac, Svensk Scenkonst, Better Silver SpA, Bainbridge Schools Foundation, MoFilm comps, Chris Nichols Advisors, Skycam, Cannes Lions comp, Belletrist Coterie, Visit Grand Rapids (Minnesota), The Bold Italic, Margaret River, Hay Salida, Lifetouch for Maribor 2012, FOJAB Arkitekter, Women In Distress org, Seattle Conference, O Globo, Ekologiska Lantbrukarna, CRDS, Jet Raid Akropolis, Visão de Sucesso, National Trust Org, Eyeworks, Savoir Cosmetics, AER Rianta International, Hornbach, Cinemark, Asa Lindsj0, Adacore, Gladjen att fa paket (exhibition), Dr. Markus Aschenbrenner, Just Add Mushrooms - campaign, Tandlakarhogskolan Malmo, NFDC, Alon Stern, Hannah Instruments, The Goodwill Fitness Center, Mivi Total, Hamilton Grange National Memorial.

Short films (feat actors)
That Day, Chalks, Love Like Hers, Biljard Kungen, The Wrong Date, Uppgang Tegeluddsvagen, Yan Than Teddhera, 

Radio shows & Podcasts
Freakonomics, WNYC Podcasts, Morning Edition Radio WGVU, Temp Interruptus, The Inaka Project (audiobook), Capital FM UK, Heart UK, Real Radio XS UK, .

Filmmakers/producers/agencies – big thanks to the following for selecting my tracks!!
Mike Douglas, Switchback Entertainment,  Clay Beatty, XUMA, Christopher L Hicken, Tinklevision, Tim Rasmussen, ESPN, Meghan Lyden, The Denver Post, Howard Weisman, Forest Hills Pictures, James Miller, Miller Creative, Philip Bloom, Paul Zetter, Ensemble Films, Johannes Kroemer, Ninety Nine Films, Little Dot Studios, Kindred Agency Ltd, Peggy Eklof, 29 media, Kouz Production, Jochen Hennes, Caution, Jeff McLoughlin, Good Eye Films, Albert Lan, Joe Wein, 44 Keys Inc, Alan O’Connor, Contentmachine, YAER, Nick Kova, Agency Charlie, e⊕p films GmbH, Peter Jacoby, Dan Connelly, Screen Door Production, Dan Anders Carrigan, Melinda Bonifay, Alpheus Media, Jukka Tallinen, Benjamin Von Wong, Firelight Films, Tidningskompaniet, Federico Leone, Dreamtime Film, Blindcrow Pictures, Gianni Baccega Sas, Pikaboo, Jonne Räsänen, Navarro Aydemir, José Val Bal, La caixa de la llum produccions, Dan Shapiro, Thether, Trigonolito Films, Adam Rootman Photografy, Joe Rogers, Nikolaj Jungersen, Campbell MacDuff, NeoGine Communication Design Ltd, Playground Production, Justin Greiman, Screendoor Production, Andrew Sullivan, Geoffrey Orthwein, Gary Thomas, Christofer Ahman, Lina Skafvenstedt, Spoon, Mahmut Akay, Visual Contact, Malteste Photograpphie Expressioniste, Frank Wagner, Kris Koster, We make Them Wonder, Federico Scienza, Connor Crosby, Deb Fowler, Stink GmbH, PUSH Offices, Justin Griffiths, Kadar, Michel De Souza, Goad Media, Vignette Creative, Troy Campione, Cineteller Productions, Jaan Kronberg, Kronja OU, Noah Gammell, WHITE, Martin Johnston, Earth, Corporate Creative Film, James O’Rourke, Doclab, Frédéric Serpantié, Victor Billet, Gregorio Planchuelo, Sebastian Hojas, Danny Lacey, Water’s Edge Productions, Carlos Angeli, Ai Film + Video Inc, Goebel und Mattes, Rodrigo Notari, Cherry Bennet, Kazmatik Industries Inc, Optophonic, Israel Rivera, James Goss, Smehomat, Mova Filmes, Sector Films, Vignette Creative, David Klingl, ANEMOTION, Joe Wheatley, Dimension 2, Cedric Dahl, Brian Thuok, Johnston Blakley, Julien Samarcq, Atelier Vert Pomme, Yorkshire Edit, SD videoproduction, MedScool Maryland Productions, Visio Photography.

Feel free to check out great examples feat my music, also on Vimeo and YouTube.

Enjoy nice examples below. Expand for more details >>