Working on a new ambient guitar project

I’ve decided to work on a new project using my electric guitars only (or mainly) to create very slowly evolving, meditative and relaxing sound worlds and textures. This is going to be my “most” ambient project so far centered around one take improvisations on stillness, peacefulness, openness, focus and deep work - moving away from distractions. And what I’m really getting vibes on is finding these, for me, new kinds of evolving alt voices by slowing down the recordings of the already very slowly played notes. It’s like the intentional mood gets stronger somehow.

I’ve only used electric guitars so far through beautiful fx and it all feels rather complete at this stage, but it’s too early to say. I need to distance myself from the recordings and get in the seat of a more objective listener, then I’ll decide.

Maybe this will be my first guitar only release? That would be something extra special for me going further on the minimalism path. Stay tuned!

I'm starting a music production blog

I’ve decided to start a blog about what’s behind the music making. About current projects in the making and thoughts around it - could be inspiring input, output that may inspire, interesting source material and various related music, sounds and videos.

I’m hoping this will add value somehow when/if you’re listening to some of my music. So everyone, you’re most welcome to check back every now and then and feel free to comment if you like.