Album C

℗2017 Brusbox Music ©2017 Niklas Aman
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A few notes about the album:
When recording the initial ideas/sketches on this project I early felt I was heading away from the traditional A/B form and wanted to do something else… More like develop thoughts/material around C-parts, open structures and improvisations.

Furthermore my goal has always been to make music that reflect where I am in life. Since getting 50 is around the corner, with kids now pretty much grown up and having made music for just about 35 years, it feels like I’ve reached a level C somehow (on an endless scale I should add) - Hence the name C.

The instruments I’ve used are mainly acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass, then occasional ukulele, mandolin, synth and drums. It has been extra nice to work with the E-bow (on electric guitar) on tracks like Microscopic and Travelling, the electric guitar and piano lines in Bridge Opens outro, tapping rhythms on Tap Plate, playing canon like stuff against a long delay on track Felt and also letting the bass speak more on tracks like Rooftops and Doves.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy listening to these tracks. Maybe letting your mind drift away for a while or it helps you focus.