Fast & Easy
- All music is pre-cleared.
- Rates are per project and total seconds of use no matter number of songs.
- It's a one time fee for both master and sync/publishing rights, no hidden extra costs.
- Very clear and easy to understand terms. No fine print, it's a one-page only.
- Send in a music report or email the details and I'll get back to you within 24h.

Standard Use

Internet, documentary, film, corporate, portrait, bts vid, filmfestival, trade show, event, exhibition, internal, radio or tv show. Rate depends on territory, term and if it's a campaign combo of several media/formats. Request A Quote

From $1/second

TV/Cinema Ads and Promos

Depending on term, number of channels and territory. Request A Quote

From $10/second

Non-profit/Personal/student Use

Non-profit use of my iTunes songs in short films is free of charge if it meets the following conditions >>




The rights included in a license
All music licenses includes master, sync/publishing and also if needed the duplication rights. The standard license is often perpetual/worldwide while TV ads/promos and large corporate internet/internal/event campaigns have limited terms and territory.

Multiple currencies: Invoicing can be made in any of the main currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, SEK, etc. All according to exchange rates at, approximately $1.00 equals €0.75/£0.60/¥100/6,70kr.

No VAT outside EU
No VAT on international orders outside EU. 6% VAT apply on orders from EU except customers with a valid EU-VAT number.

Cue Sheet Info For TV/Broadcasters
Composer: Niklas Aman (100% STIM). Publisher: Brusbox Music (100% STIM). All PROs like BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, PRS and GEMA are affiliated with STIM so just send it to any PRO in your country. Contact me if you need the CAE/IPI numbers as well.