Direct Licensing - generous terms, affordable, fast clearance
- Since I'm both composer and publisher, master/synch rights can be cleared at once, in a matter of hours.
- Needle drop licensing. Only pay for the seconds used, not entire song(s).
- Very clear and easy to understand terms.
- Send in a music report or request a quote.

Standard Use

Internet, documentary, film, corporate, portrait, bts vid, filmfestival, trade show, event, exhibition, internal, radio or tv show. Rate depends on territory, term and if it's a campaign combo of several media/formats. Request A Quote

From $1/second

TV/Cinema Ads and Promos

Depending on term, number of channels and territory. Request A Quote

From $10/second

Non-profit/Personal/student Use

Non-profit use of my iTunes songs in short films is free of charge if it meets the following conditions >>




The rights included in a license
Licenses can be either non-exclusive or exclusive. All music licenses includes master, synchronization and publishing rights, also if needed the duplication rights (for dvds). The standard license is often perpetual/worldwide while TV ads/promos and large corporate internet/internal/event campaigns have limited terms and territory.

Multiple currencies: Invoicing can be made in any of the main currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, SEK, etc. All according to exchange rates at, approximately $1.00 equals €0.75/£0.60/¥100/6,85kr.

No VAT outside EU
No VAT on international orders outside EU. 6% VAT apply on orders from EU except customers with a valid EU-VAT number.