All music on this site is pre-cleared for use in films, docs, promos and other visual media. Fill in the form below and you'll get clearance and a music license within 24h.

Type of Use/Format/Media (select all that match)
Is licensee a large company with a yearly revenue above $50M? *

Rates (per project, per media, term varies)
Standard rate: $1.00/sec for most types of use, ie internet, film festival, app, tv, trade show.
Territory factor (except internet): National x 1 (included), Regional x 2, Worldwide x 3.
Standard Rate Large (licensee rev +$50M): $3.00/sec.
TV ad/promo: $10.00/sec for 1 ch, regional, 6 weeks term. Additional media, territory and/or channel: 50% off. Email for a quote.
Movies: Email for a quote.
Non-profit organizations: Free for organizations working with/for humanitarian aid, human rights, equality and peace, email for a license.
Non-profit/personal/student: Free if it follow these conditions.

Term varies: Internet, small company and documentary use is most often perpetual. Ads, promos, events and campaigns usually have term limitations.

Discounts apply on large orders and for frequently returning customers.

Email for a quote on combinations, campaigns or other types of use.

Invoicing can be made in all major currencies, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc, according to exchange rates at No VAT on international orders outside EU or if having a valid EU-VAT number.

The Rights Included
All music licenses includes master and sync/publishing rights, also if needed the duplication rights. Licenses are by default non-exclusive. An exclusive license is optional on songs made from 2014 and onwards, request a quote.

Cue Sheet & PRO info
For broadcast/theatrical releases, please provide the airing station/producer with the following: Composer: Niklas Aman (100% STIM), Publisher: Brusbox Music (100% STIM).